With Mckcam Painting Services, you can rest assured knowing that your job is in the best hands possible. We offer a variety of residential services to homeowners in Los Angeles.



Repair and Texture

Do your walls have ugly holes that need repairing? Did they get damaged from water?  We can patch, sand, and prime your walls to create a perfect painting surface.

Home renovation - Painting



Are your cabinets looking old and worn out? We can repaint and refinish your cabinets and get rid of those ugly scratches, nicks, and scuffs to make them look like new again.

Home Power Cleaning

Power Washing

House Exterior

Are your exterior walls looking dirty? Do you need to prepare them for a new coat of paint? We can power wash your exterior to remove oil, mold, and old paint



Home Painting

Interior painting can be frustrating and time-consuming. Mckcam Painting has the experience and knowledge to help you update your look quickly and efficiently.

Man painting white wall


Home Painting

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your home can do wonders when it comes to selling or updating your home. Mckcam Painting has the experience and knowledge to help you.

Give Your House That Undeniable Curb Appeal!